General Information:

Bride's Name:                Groom's Name: 

Bride's Address: 

Phone Number:             Phone Number:           

Bride E-mail:                   Groom E-mail:                            

Wedding Date:          

Banquet Facility:     

Reception Times: 

Wedding Coordinator: 



Special Song Choices:

First Dance:                      

Father Daughter Dance:

Mother Son Dance:        

Wedding Party:                

Cake Cutting:                   

Bouquet Toss:                 

Garter Toss:                     

Last Dance:                      


Bride & Groom Family:

Bride Parents:           Groom Parents:

Bride Grandparents:        Groom Grandparents:     


Bridal Party:

Maid of Honor:              Best Man: 

Bridesmaid 1:                 Groomsman 1:  

Bridesmaid 2:                 Groomsman 2:  

Bridesmaid 3:                 Groomsman 3:  

Bridesmaid 4:                 Groomsman 4:  

Bridesmaid 5:                 Groomsman 5:  

Flower Girl:                     Jr. Groomsman 


Specific Requests

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Announcements to make:  special occasions (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)